Second Workshop on
Hadron Physics in China and Opportunities with 12 GeV JLab

July 28- July 31, 2010, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.
Following the previous workshop held in Lanzhou University, the Chinese nuclear and high energy physics community has shown an increasing interest in hadron physics. In particular, with the new facilities (BESIII@IHEP, HIRFL-CSR@IMP) in China and the 12-GeV energy upgrade at Jefferson Lab (JLab) in US well underway, a wide range of opportunities become available for frontier research in hadron physics. Recently, two large-scale experiments at 12-GeV JLab with major participations from Chinese physicists were approved.

In light of these new developments, this second workshop will be held in Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, July 28- July 31, 2010, to discuss the current status, to promote further development of hadron physics in China and to further enhance the collaboration between the Chinese and the US hadron physics communities.

Physics topics will include hadron structure and QCD, few-body Physics, nuclear medium effects and low energy tests of the Standard Model.


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July, 10, 2010

Tsinghua University,2010

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